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"""Business data provider."""

from mimesis.datasets import (
from mimesis.providers.base import BaseDataProvider

__all__ = ["Finance"]

[docs] class Finance(BaseDataProvider): """Class to generate finance and business related data.""" class Meta: name = "finance" datafile = f"{name}.json"
[docs] def company(self) -> str: """Generates a random company name. :return: Company name. """ names: list[str] = self._extract(["company", "name"]) return self.random.choice(names)
[docs] def company_type(self, abbr: bool = False) -> str: """Generates a random type of business entity. :param abbr: Abbreviated company type. :return: Types of business entity. """ key = "abbr" if abbr else "title" company_types: list[str] = self._extract(["company", "type", key]) return self.random.choice(company_types)
[docs] def currency_iso_code(self, allow_random: bool = False) -> str: """Returns a currency code for current locale. :param allow_random: Get a random ISO code. :return: Currency code. """ code: str = self._extract(["currency-code"]) if allow_random: return self.random.choice(CURRENCY_ISO_CODES) return code
[docs] def bank(self) -> str: """Generates a random bank name. :return: Bank name. """ banks: list[str] = self._extract(["banks"]) return self.random.choice(banks)
[docs] def cryptocurrency_iso_code(self) -> str: """Generates a random cryptocurrency ISO code. :return: Symbol of cryptocurrency. """ return self.random.choice(CRYPTOCURRENCY_ISO_CODES)
[docs] def currency_symbol(self) -> str: """Returns a currency symbol for current locale. :return: Currency symbol. """ return CURRENCY_SYMBOLS[self.locale]
[docs] def cryptocurrency_symbol(self) -> str: """Get a cryptocurrency symbol. :return: Symbol of cryptocurrency. """ return self.random.choice(CRYPTOCURRENCY_SYMBOLS)
[docs] def price(self, minimum: float = 500, maximum: float = 1500) -> float: """Generate a random price. :param minimum: Minimum value of price. :param maximum: Maximum value of price. :return: Price. """ return self.random.uniform( minimum, maximum, precision=2, )
[docs] def price_in_btc(self, minimum: float = 0, maximum: float = 2) -> float: """Generates a random price in BTC. :param minimum: Minimum value of price. :param maximum: Maximum value of price. :return: Price in BTC. """ return self.random.uniform( minimum, maximum, precision=7, )
[docs] def stock_ticker(self) -> str: """Generates a random stock ticker. :return: Ticker. """ return self.random.choice(STOCK_TICKERS)
[docs] def stock_name(self) -> str: """Generates a stock name. :return: Stock name. """ return self.random.choice(STOCK_NAMES)
[docs] def stock_exchange(self) -> str: """Generates a stock exchange name. :return: Returns exchange name. """ return self.random.choice(STOCK_EXCHANGES)