Python compatibility

Mimesis is compatible with Python, including PyPy, version 3.8 or higher. The Mimesis 4.1.3 is the last release that accommodates Python 3.6 and 3.7.

To prevent unintended upgrades, it is highly advisable to always specify the version of mimesis that you are using by pinning it.


Mimesis has no hard dependencies, but you need to install pytz to add timezone support for some methods of the Datetime provider.

Install Mimesis

Within the pre-activated environment, use the following command to install Mimesis:

(env)  pip install mimesis

Use the following command to install Mimesis in Jupyter Notebook:

(env)  ! pip install mimesis

Installation using poetry is pretty same:

(env)  poetry add --group dev mimesis

If you want to work with the latest Mimesis code before it’s released, install or update the code from the master branch:

(env)  git clone
(env)  cd mimesis/
(env)  make install