Source code for mimesis.shortcuts

"""This module is provide internal util functions."""

import functools
import typing as t

from mimesis.locales import Locale, validate_locale

__all__ = ["romanize", "luhn_checksum"]

def _get_translation_table(locale: Locale) -> t.Dict[int, str]:
    return str.maketrans({**ROMANIZATION_DICT[locale.value], **COMMON_LETTERS})

[docs]def luhn_checksum(num: str) -> str: """Calculate a checksum for num using the Luhn algorithm. :param num: The number to calculate a checksum for as a string. :return: Checksum for number. """ check = 0 for i, s in enumerate(reversed(num)): sx = int(s) if i % 2 == 0: sx *= 2 if sx > 9: sx -= 9 check += sx return str(check * 9 % 10)
[docs]def romanize(string: str, locale: t.Union[Locale, str]) -> str: """Romanize a given string. Supported locales are: Locale.RU Locale.UK Locale.KK :param string: Cyrillic string. :param locale: Locale. :return: Romanized string. """ locale = validate_locale(locale) if locale not in (Locale.RU, Locale.UK, Locale.KK): raise ValueError(f"Romanization is not available for: {locale}") table = _get_translation_table(locale) return string.translate(table)