Source code for mimesis.providers.development

"""Data related to the development."""

import typing as t
from datetime import datetime

from mimesis.datasets import (
from mimesis.providers.base import BaseProvider

__all__ = ["Development"]

[docs] class Development(BaseProvider): """Class for getting fake data for Developers."""
[docs] def __init__(self, *args: t.Any, **kwargs: t.Any) -> None: super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class Meta: name = "development"
[docs] def software_license(self) -> str: """Generates a random software license. :return: License name. :Example: The BSD 3-Clause License. """ return self.random.choice(LICENSES)
[docs] def calver(self) -> str: """Generates a random calendar versioning string. :return: Calendar versioning string. :Example: 2016.11.08 """ year = self.random.randint(2016, month = self.random.randint(1, 12) day = self.random.randint(1, 29) return f"{year}.{month}.{day}"
[docs] def version(self) -> str: """Generates a random semantic versioning string. :return: Semantic versioning string. :Example: 0.2.1 """ major, minor, patch = self.random.randints(n=3, a=0, b=100) return f"{major}.{minor}.{patch}"
[docs] def stage(self) -> str: """Generates a random stage of development. :return: Release stage. :Example: Alpha. """ return self.random.choice(STAGES)
[docs] def programming_language(self) -> str: """Generates a random programming language from the list. :return: Programming language. :Example: Erlang. """ return self.random.choice(PROGRAMMING_LANGS)
[docs] def os(self) -> str: """Generates a random operating system or distributive name. :return: The name of OS. :Example: Gentoo """ return self.random.choice(OS)
[docs] def boolean(self) -> bool: """Generates a random boolean value. :return: True of False. """ return self.random.choice([True, False])
[docs] def system_quality_attribute(self) -> str: """Generates a random system quality attribute. Within systems engineering, quality attributes are realized non-functional requirements used to evaluate the performance of a system. These are sometimes named "ilities" after the suffix many of the words share. :return: System quality attribute. """ return self.random.choice(SYSTEM_QUALITY_ATTRIBUTES)
[docs] def ility(self) -> str: """Generates a random system quality attribute. An alias for :meth:`~mimesis.Development.system_quality_attribute`. """ return self.system_quality_attribute()