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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Provides pseudo-scientific data."""

from typing import Any, Final, Optional, Tuple

from mimesis.enums import MeasureUnit, MetricPrefixSign
from mimesis.providers.base import BaseProvider

__all__ = ["Science"]

[docs]class Science(BaseProvider): """Class for generating pseudo-scientific data."""
[docs] def __init__(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Initialize attributes. :param locale: Current language. :param seed: Seed. """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] class Meta: """Class for metadata.""" name: Final[str] = "science"
[docs] def rna_sequence(self, length: int = 10) -> str: """Generate a random RNA sequence. :param length: Length of block. :return: RNA sequence. :Example: AGUGACACAA """ return self.random.generate_string("UCGA", length)
[docs] def dna_sequence(self, length: int = 10) -> str: """Generate a random DNA sequence. :param length: Length of block. :return: DNA sequence. :Example: GCTTTAGACC """ return self.random.generate_string("TCGA", length)
[docs] def measure_unit( self, name: Optional[MeasureUnit] = None, symbol: bool = False, ) -> str: """Get unit name from International System of Units. :param name: Enum object UnitName. :param symbol: Return only symbol :return: Unit. """ result: Tuple[str, str] = self.validate_enum( item=name, enum=MeasureUnit, ) if symbol: return result[1] return result[0]
[docs] def metric_prefix( self, sign: Optional[MetricPrefixSign] = None, symbol: bool = False ) -> str: """Get a random prefix for the International System of Units. :param sign: Sing of prefix (positive/negative). :param symbol: Return the symbol of the prefix. :return: Metric prefix for SI measure units. :raises NonEnumerableError: if sign is not supported. :Example: mega """ prefixes = SI_PREFIXES_SYM if symbol else SI_PREFIXES key = self.validate_enum(item=sign, enum=MetricPrefixSign) return self.random.choice(prefixes[key])